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Welcome to the PowerHowse Challenge All-Access Product Page

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First, the Bonus Extreme Exercise Series

I wanted to give you something extra, so I’ve put together an extreme exercise series where I explain every exercise in the program, but also go through a ton of extras just in case you want to try something new.

As I explain in the ebook, if you’re starting to plateau or you feel your workouts are beginning to get a bit stagnant, switch them up. This exercise series gives you a crap load of options, plus I’m always updating it. So anytime I find a new exercise that would fit great into these workouts, you’ll find it up here.

 To access the Exercise Database:

Click Here <————-

If you’re ever searching for an exercise to change things up, or you simply want a visual example of what the correct form is, here’s the only place you have to search.

The PowerHowse Challenge ebook

Download it by CLICKING HERE

122 pages packed full of content that’ll help you stay motivated and focused on achieving your goals. I explain the training method that helped me gain 32 pounds of lean, athletic muscle in 32 weeks. I also get into what to eat and what not to eat. If you have any questions about the book feel free to ask.

Click to open, then “save file as”.

The PHC Phase 1 Beginner Program

Download Link: Phase 1 <— Click Here

This is where you’ll begin. It’s also what got me started on building the body and life of my dreams.

The PHC Phase 2 Intermediate Program

Download Link: Phase 2 <— Click Here

The second phase takes your training to a new level. Start with the first, progress to the second and watch your body transform before your eyes.

The PHC Phase 3 Advanced Program

Some of the hardest, and by far the most effective workouts I’ve ever done. Make sure you follow the meal plans and get rest. Your body will need the nutrients and recovery time.

The 3-Phase Fast and Furious Cardio Routine

Unique in the fact that the cardio routine is pretty short. They’re quick, intense workouts that yield results pure and simple.

7-Day Healthy Meal Plans

Whatever your goal is, there is a meal plan here to help you achieve it. There aren’t any dieting fads, no cutting out anything, rather a balanced approach to eating healthy that will get you to your goals. No matter what you ideal physique there is a meal plan here that will help you get there.


If you need any help email me at and I’ll get back to you right away.

Poke around the site, see what’s here for you, it’s constantly going to be changed and upgraded, any suggestions are welcome. The DVD page is being updated on a daily basis as well.

All the best – see you on the blog,


As a Bonus – Here’s my “Perfect V Solution”. Build that perfect looking v shape with this bonus system – free for you guys only.

Download the Scheduling HERE

Download the Workouts HERE

Download the Ebook HERE